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Our Design Process

The LK Design team members are trained to be active listeners so that clients will be satisfied with our work from the very beginning. We believe that a crucial part of any design process is the initial design brainstorm between the client and the designer. We are here to listen to our clients wants and needs, and transform them into truly beautiful works of art.


Our Services

What Can we do for you?

Image by Sven Mieke


LK Design believes that everyone deserves to be inspired by the spaces they spend time in. Our expertise lies in our versatility, attention to detail and our limitless resourcefulness. We are here to serve all of our clients whether their dream lies in an urban or rural environment. Our typical planning project would consist of some or all of the following services: 

  • Consultation with the client regarding desired layout, aesthetic etc.

  • Land survey(s)*

  • Initial sketches propagated for clients viewing and for further consultation.

  • Survey of existing dwelling(s) * 

  • Preparation of planning permission documentation for final consultation with client before submission to relevant county council and advertisement in appropriate media.
    *A percolation test report may also be required at this stage.

  • Map Certification for use with  Land Registry

*Should this service be required

Image by Charles Deluvio


While our expertise lies in our design, we also offer an abundance of helpful skills in the area of construction. We aim to help our client be they working on a self build or large corporate project. The services we typically offer in relation to construction are: 

  • Consultation with the client regarding regulations and specifications

  • Construction drawings are created in line with the acquired planning permission.

  • Tender drawings are created*

  • Project management*

  • Site inspections are frequently carried out on each project to insure compliance with specified details and current regulations. This step also plays a vital role in mortgage certification.

  • Final sign off once the project is completed.

*Should this service be required

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Waste Water

Water is a precious resource which requires a lot of thought throughout most projects, this is particular true in rural development where septic tanks or other treatment units are being used. As such systems can pose a threat to ground water the EPA require a site assessment to be carried out in all instances where they are proposed to be in use. The assessment includes each of the following services:

  • Geological and Topographical survey

  • Visual site assessment

  • Soil Profile testing

  • Percolation testing

  • Recommendation on the best wastewater treatment based on the sites conditions

While the above services relate to new build projects in the majority of cases, this is not always valid so contact us if you are in doubt. For existing dwellings that need certification or registration of their wastewater system in accordance with The Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 we also offer the following service:

  • Septic Tank Inspection

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